A-level Accounting

I thought I’d give a quick update as I haven’t given one for a while.

So, what’s been happening?

Let’s start with my youngest daughter, Sabeen, who’s 13. She has been on a roll! A few weeks ago she found out she got an A* in her Accounting A-level! In both her modules she managed to get 300/300, which is pretty insane. She’s now got two A*’s in her A-levels.

So she’s trying out a few things, such as programming, which Danyal is guiding her with. I suggested she think about doing medicine as I reckon she’d make a good doctor – she communicates very well and has an amazing memory – but she’d rather not, and so now is her time to kind of enjoy her success and take her time in deciding what she does next. I doubt she’ll do accounting, like her mother before her, but who knows.

Danyal, 15, is now a decent coder, he’s loving it, gets up at 6am and just starts coding for hours – because he enjoys it so much he’s probably the equivalent of a coder with perhaps 3 or 4 years work experience – he’s really found his passion (for now!).

And last, but not least, Maryam, 17, after a promising start she hasn’t really enjoyed her work in my tech company – money or technology seem not to interest her – and she is considering going into teaching or academia – more details soon – but, yes, that probably means… she’ll be off to university! Oh no!!! Well, that’s her choice, and if she wants to go down that career path, a degree is what she needs and should go for.

It’s great, they’re finding out what they want to do early on their lives by exploring areas they are interested in. They have very few pressures with no exams nor competition – perhaps the way kids should enjoy their teenage years.

Otherwise, I’ve been super-busy with work (as has my wife, Isabelle), so gotta go. BTW the photo is about 4 years old. BYE!

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

7 thoughts on “A-level Accounting”

  1. Hey Asim,

    Thanks for the updates. Your posts always give us a new perspective on child raising.
    Please do keep sharing.


  2. Love, these updates Asim. Thank you for sharing. These really help complete the picture of the unconventional path you’ve taken. And inspire us in the process. Cheers!


  3. Thanks for sharing your journey Asim. Your blog has encouraged me to consider homeschooling. Please keep sharing.
    Solomon from Nigeria.


  4. Hi Asim, Myself Swetha From India- Mother of 3.5 year old kid. I would like to know your homeschooling journey of your kids at 3-5 of age.


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