Physics iGCSE – they creamed it!

We got the Physics iGCSE results yesterday –  Maryam and Danyal got the A*s they were aiming for! In fact both managed exceptionally high A*s.

Pretty cool that from the day they started studying physics for the first time to the day they took their exams was only 5 months – it’s typically 10 years at most UK schools.

Unfortunately the kids have no time to celebrate. They have their Accounting iGCSE next week.

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

One thought on “Physics iGCSE – they creamed it!”

  1. As a Mom thinking of taking the same homeschooling route as you, i have to saw that is awesome!!!!! By the way, i was one of those kids that got soooo bored and frustrated at school because of all the time wasting and waiting for other kids to catch up!


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