Maths Lessons…

Just wanted to share a clip of Maryam and Danyal learning maths via Skype with a tutor we have recently hired, Janice, who we pay US$12 per hour (hired via

So far I feel she’s been brilliant and it’s working out nicely.

The kids do their maths questions that I set them, if they get stuck they arrange a session with her.

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

4 thoughts on “Maths Lessons…”

  1. Great job Asim and keep up the good work! My wife (Mary) and I wrapped up 25yrs of homeschooling two years ago, lots of different emotions that day. It is such a great opportunity and the resources are amazing today. Hey, it’s very encouraging to see you so involved, HSchooling can be a “mommy-eater” but very doable as a couple!

    Our youngest is working on his last year down in Texas but was raised as Canadians and entrepreneurs, home is Calgary. However, we usually spend winters in Penang and our 5 adult kids (4 boys & 1 girl) visit or stay, plus any of their friends as well.

    Anyway, as you said some of the take aways are pretty special and rare. You will find that the strong relationships that rooted and grew during your HSchooling days will naturally carry on as they become adults. It is so cool to be “in community” with each other, we love hanging together.

    All the best to you Asim and your family! Ps.I’m pretty sure your kids are not average but more like… try exceptional. Cheers, Don


    1. Don, thanks very much and really interesting to hear about your own experience.

      I’m really glad to hear that you think the strong relationships we’re developing now will carry through – I have sincerely always hoped they would.

      Don, the kids are not exceptional, but they’re smart, yes…


  2. Hey Asim. Thanks for the blog. It’s been a huge eyeopener. I’m trying to ride on your tried and tested tutor but can’t find her in Upwork. May I please get a referral?


    1. Ese, glad you’ve benefited. I’m sorry but I can’t give her contact name. She’d soon be so busy that she’d leave us! I’m sorry!


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