Since the end of their exams the kids have been loving it!

They do their language lessons every day but apart from that it’s chilling.

Well, Sabeen, the youngest is doing a little physics every day helped by whichever elder sibling she’s not fighting with at the time and a lot of reading.

Danyal spends way too much time chatting to one of his friends in Morocco over Skype (they’ve made got a terrible blog:, he’s trying to get reconnected with some of the neighbours of the same age, and he’s doing some cooking with Sabeen which they both love – yesterday they made a fantastic dinner.

And Maryam seems to be doing nothing but reading.

At some time they’ll get bored. In fact, this morning I got a call from Danyal whether he could use my carwash wax. I think the kids are going to see if they can start a carwash business to make a bit of money – Isabelle has been suggesting this to them for a while.

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

14 thoughts on “Chillaxing…”

  1. Sounds like a productive day so far. This is what my home is like during the holidays. We just let our hair down and chilax! Lol! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your home! Blessings!


  2. Interesting article MA. Great to hear the burden off their shoulders.

    I wanted to confirm something about the past papers process… Do your kids take help from Google during the past paper session or after/before? And when you calculate their marks into a grade which is lower than the desired grade, how exactly do they practice for the next paper? Do they hit the notes again or just revise their mistakes?


    1. MK, yes they use Google a lot for past papers. To improve they just make sure they understand the paper they’ve just done before they move onto the next one.

      They don’t revise – just do past papers.


  3. Aasalaams,

    Just wandering which mediums you use for Islamic education for your kids, ie Quran, Fiqh?

    How are your kids so driven?

    And how did your leap from MA Physics to Investment banking happen?



  4. Hi Asim,
    Your posts are so informative and helpful, thank you for that!
    I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. I aim to have a tech startup so our goals are alike, and I had some queries in regards to that.

    1. I’ve noticed that you talk a lot about learning to code. Would you suggest learning to code is more important than learning business/ finance skills? Should someone aim to become very good at coding first, THEN learn business/finance skills after? (business skills would be like digital marketing, sales, etc).
    I’ve been thinking that coding can be outsourced – but business acumen can’t. Hence maybe one should read many business books, and code at the same time. My plan is to learn coding to become good at it, but don’t need to be an expert and so I should spend more time on business knowledge. What are your thoughts?

    2. I’ve also been interested in learning how to invest and do stock trading etc. Should someone first make money through startup and then learn how to invest? There’s so many things to learn at the same time, so I think learning how to invest can be pushed back for later. Then again, Is it worth learning how to invest in shares/ stocks if AI trading bots will soon take over that?

    3. Your children can speak almost 6 languages fluently – I think that’s remarkable! They’re very motivated and it’s nice to see young people excelling. But I’ve been wondering, is it worth the time to learn languages, if translation can be done through google, etc. I know google translate wasn’t effective in the past, but it is improving tremendously now and of course, in the future there will be very good translation automating service.

    Really interested in hearing what you have to say!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – it’s so refreshing to see your perspective.


    1. Sam…
      1. I think they’re both important but you can’t really teach a young child soft business skills but they can learn code.
      2. It could be worth learning.
      3. No, people will still talk, I reckon. Languages are here to stay.


  5. Also, I’m currently a university student (first year) and have really been planning to drop out as I personally learn much better by self-study and I feel university curriculum isn’t intuitive or helpful. Is there a way I can study on my own and just pass exams? I found this but I’m not sure
    I really don’t think university is helping me but it’s such a big decision to drop out and my parents are very against it


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