Thinking ahead…

For the two elder kids, Maryam and Danyal, they’ll be done with their A-level exams in a few days. If they don’t mess up, that’s it! NO MORE EXAMS!

Here you can see Sabeen and Danyal on the morning of Danyal’s exams. On the day of the exams the kids take it easy, so they’re fresh, but in the days leading up to exams Danyal has been targeting and achieving 11h30m of study a day. Maryam hasn’t been as regimented but she’s also doing about the same number of hours.

I’ve told them many times that they just need to work hard for a few more weeks and they’ll never have to study again. Of course, they can study further if they want to.

As their exams draw to a close we’re all discussing what they could do afterwards. The kids’ passions are a major factor but they listen to our guidance about what’s best for them too.

Danyal wants to become amazing at football, squash, and running. He might do each of them almost every day. Maryam might write a book.

But they both also want to start a business. Before they do that I am pressing them to learn coding, so they might go on a 3-month intensive coding course. And then some other core skills such as internet marketing and public speaking.

They also need to brush up their languages – particularly Mandarin – which they’ve neglected in recent months.

These exams have been tough – I’ve been impressed by how much grit these kids have shown – being this driven is not normal for 11 and 13 year olds. My regular talks to them are instrumental – I’m a good motivator.

I can’t wait. Their lives are going to change and improve drastically a week from now…

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

16 thoughts on “Thinking ahead…”

  1. Wow! 11h30m of study a day is awe-inspiring. It is wonderful to see your kids blossoming under homeschooling. You must be having some great parenting skills.


  2. Hi Asim,

    I am looking for a coding partner for my 11 year old son. We have recently moved from England and now residing in P.J. Would you be interested in pairing up the kids to study the programming course together? I am keen to encourage my kids into business also. Possible to meet up so I can get some ideas? Thanks.

    Sam and Lisa


  3. Hello, Mr. Qureshi,
    My three kids are almost the same age as the three of yours, and being a working mother living an expat life, I have struggled A LOT to supplement their learning. For two years , my eldest has been trying to teach himself quite a few concentrations for his IGCSEs. As we are at it, I would like to connect to you for further guidance. Could I do that?
    I would like to know for a trusted and credited coding/programming course for my 14 and 11 year olds. Much appreciated.


    1. Hi, we’re going to find a programming course for the kids soon. But we want them to chill out after the exams before we get cracking…


      1. Hi Asim,

        A post on how you select and choose a programming course would be pretty helpful to a lot of us out here. It will not just help us figure out how to choose a course when there are so many options, but also show us how you choose and select the best and then that can be applied to other areas of learning.


      2. Yasin, I’ll keep you updated. The important thing is that is like it to be intense.


  4. Simply Mashalah!
    Thanks for sharing. I hope that we can all benefit from the knowledge and inspiration that you are sharing!


  5. Hi Asim,
    I really love reading your post. I am currently tutoring some kids privately in A level Maths and Physics, who attend regular school. It’s a little tough cuz they have had very little prior experience with the subjects, and the question-oriented approach is really slow given that the required theoretical background is lacking..
    I’d like to get some tips on how I could help them cover their syllabus in about 2 months, while keeping a balance with regular school.



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