Mathematics A-level update…

The kids started studying for their Mathematics A-level in September 2017. That means they’ve got 9 months to prepare for the June 2018 exams.

So it’s self-teaching, although Sabeen gets help from a mathematics Skype tutor in the Philippines.

They’re working through one module at a time, moving on once they get 75% in exam conditions.

Six modules make up an A-level.

Sabeen has completed C1 and almost completed C2. It’s clear that she won’t be doing Mathematics in 2018. Completing six modules will be tough.

Danyal has completed C1, C2, C3, C4, M1 and almost M2. He should be fine.

Maryam C1, C2, C3, C4, and just got started on M1. It’s going to be hard work for Maryam to get there in Further Mathematics, but she can do it.

I only realised the two girls were getting behind a few weeks ago. Since then as a target they study for 3.5 hours maths per day, measuring their time on Jibble. The time target is helping a lot.

Of course, they’re fully aware that 30 mins quality time is better than 90 mins chilled time. Day-dreaming while the clock ticks is only cheating themselves.

Let’s see what they can do in the next couple of months, which is when we’ll decide what exams they’ll be entered for…

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

4 thoughts on “Mathematics A-level update…”

  1. Hi sir – I’m 15 in the UK and am on track to taking my IGCSE maths and further maths (on track for 9 in maths and A* with distinction with further maths). I too would like to teach myself maths (and possibly further maths) a-level. Could you let me know what boards your kids are taking and which textbooks/revision guides/online resources they are using as I feel like doing this would really boost my university application. Also, if I were to start now (doing perhaps 90 mins a day – I am not homeschooled), roughly how long do you think it would take me to complete 6 modules (C1,C2,C3,C4 and M1,M2). And am I smart enough to do this?

    With the modules, can you spread them out and take each one whenever there is an exam period, or do you have to learn the modules, wait, then take them all at one go?


    1. Great idea Viyan, and yes it would boost your university application. Further, if you apply to Oxbridge you’d end up doing way better in their tests as you’d be ahead in the syllabus.

      90 mins a day is a lot. You’d probably have to do it over 2 years as A-levels don’t have sittings in winter any more. You could do 3 at a time, but the A-levels have changed so look it up. They might have changed so you now have to do them all in 1 go. If that is the case why not do the entire A-level in the year you don’t have public exams? Do 2 hours a day and ramp it up towards exams and you should be there.


      1. Thank you sir – so based on reading your previous a-level posts, should I leave textbooks etc. and just work through past paper questions (15 for each module)?


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