How to study Mathematics…


Danyal, who’s only 11, will be done with his Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level (18+) exams in a few weeks. In practice papers he’s been getting A*s – so fingers crossed.

So this is how he’s got here – and it’s remarkably simple – he tries a past-paper question, checks his answer and then Googles it if he doesn’t understand, often finding the solution on YouTube.

And then he repeats.

No classes, no tutors, no homework, no textbooks.

And yes, he learns new topics in exactly the same way – it’s all there on the internet, after all.

A laptop, some passion and a comfortable sofa is the best way to study mathematics…

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

5 thoughts on “How to study Mathematics…”

  1. Hi Asim,

    A few questions:

    Im not familiar with the exams you mentioned but there seems to be a focus on exams related studies in your cirriculum is this correct?

    Do you think a tough learning environment has any benefits? did your kids have any difficulties concentrating studying in a loud public setting?

    There is a wordwide trend in STEM education. Did you think of introducing simple programming concepts and robotics early on to the younger ones?

    You wrote in a comment that a ” degree is nothing but a badge” but Im guessing this excludes some degrees such as medical doctors?

    1. Turgan, yet’s it’s all about exams. No, my kids concentrate fine in cafes but nearer exams we avoid it (for max concentration), sure programming and robotics can spark interest, degrees are useful for subjects such as medicine, engineering, etc…

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