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I guess we’ve had a great last few months, but not without some issues.

Sabeen (10 – pictured with me) recently did her IGCSE French, and now she’s working on her Mathematics A-level, which she’ll probably do in a year. After that, like Danyal, she’ll probably do one more A-level and then that’d be it for her.

Maryam (14) and Danyal (12) have been getting on with their programming and spoken languages at their own pace – and of course meeting friends, sports, etc…

They’re trying to learn how to code but it’s been tough for them to learn without any structure, without any particular goal. In fact, it became increasingly obvious that Maryam, in particular, was beginning to hate it. I think they’ve been too much theory – so they apparently know a few languages fairly well – Javascript, HTML, Python, CSS, but they can’t actually code – it’s like they how most schools teach French – they do the theory but if the kid went to France he/she wouldn’t be able to ask for a tea!

So a few days ago I said forget it, let’s just start a software business and they’ll learn to code as they go along. One learns so much faster if one has a goal one is desperate to achieve, well that’s the thinking anyway.

They immediately loved the idea of starting a business, became really excited, and Maryam’s energy levels since have literally gone up 50% – I mean she is just so much more excited about life – I didn’t realise it but coding was beginning to drain her.

It’s been fun dreaming what our software could do, what we’d do better than our competitors, our pricing strategy, etc…

A programmer-friend and business-partner of mine will guide them on the coding side and put in half the money (less than US$5k), I’ll guide them elsewhere and put in the rest of the cash.

We won’t need much cash because Maryam and Danyal will do most of the work themselves. Maryam will be the CEO, initially focusing her work on coding and marketing, Danyal will do most of the coding (it’s his strength) and accounting.

We’ll each own 25% of the business – it is an absolutely serious venture – we’ll get cracking within a few days, and let’s see how that goes. Oh yes, and I’m just as excited as they are!!!

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

8 thoughts on “Software Business…”

  1. What a wonderful inspiration ! Reading your and Maryam’s posts in Quora, I have started rethinking about my career and life in general. Thanks Asim for sharing your valuable insights. Salam.

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  2. There is a need for constructive video games. Like how about the flow chart of brainstorming solutions, asking questions, resolving problems before violent fighting?!! For action, how about a drone taking a picture of a great trail and bridges and the person can be hooked up to run and jump along the scenic trail — maybe balance while windsurfing…steer a balloon somewhere (and figure out the details according to the wind direction and speed.) Do you have any software developed yet?


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