Do Homeschoolers Lack Confidence?

In my experience, and contrary to popular belief, homeschoolers tend to be more confident than school kids.

Why? Because that’s what a loving and secure environment, free from bullying and namecalling, gets you – confidence, tons of it.

And, for this reason, and there is evidence to support this view, when homeschoolers go out into the big bad world they deal with it better.

Anyway, to help dispel the myth here’s our 11-year-old Sabeen narrating a story in a story-telling competition.

BTW – it’s a FICTIONAL story with a message, so none of it actually happened – she doesn’t have a phone, let alone an iPhone 6, and I don’t talk to my wife over the phone when we’re both at home. Well, not usually.

This performance took her to the final, where she had to speak in front of over 200 people.

And in the final, she won!!!