Time for Disruption?

I am thinking of starting a school pod, city to be decided. It would school around 20 children of various ages with two full-time teaching administrators (one of which would be an Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, Yale, or MIT grad), supported by many specialists teachers that come in or teach via Skype. It would be run from a super-cool residential unit.

The plan is to eventually have 1000’s of pods around the world, making them the most revolutionary pods since the iPod.

I am looking to talk to:

  • Parents who have a child between the age of 4 and 9 that:
    • Are willing to pay at least US$12k per annum per child for a vastly better education, and ideally US$20k.
    • Want the school to work around their child, rather than their child work around the school.
    • Believe it’s important their children get the best grades possible.
    • Want their child to speak several languages.
    • Want their child to specialise and achieve excellence in certain extra-curricular activities (e.g. sports, music, debating), rather than take part in many and achieve excellence in none.
    • Are concerned about the negative influences of school, such as bullying and pornography. And want their child to be influenced by graduates from the world’s top universities.
  • Graduates from the world’s top universities that enjoy teaching and want to be part of what could be the biggest revolution in education since school began.
  • Anyone else that wants to get involved.


Here are the key differences between our pods vs conventional schools:

  • Children in pods will outperform those in conventional schools, in term of grades, by miles (and miles). I am 100% confident.
  • No terms/semesters. Pods run all year around. Children take up to 12 weeks off when they want, but no time off in lead up to exam. Range of times children can be dropped off or collected to the pod to accommodate parents’ schedule.
  • Children learn at their own pace. No classes. Regular tutorials.
  • Strong emphasis on motivating the children, explaining why grades are important, and the role of hard work.
  • Focus on maths and languages until around 6-9. Then focus on public exams until around 13-16 (when they do 18+ exams). Then a combination of:
    • Learn a few more languages
    • Becoming amazing at a sport
    • Starting a business
    • Learning to code
    • Go to university early – entrance exam preparation for the very top universities.
  • Using technology to teach. E.g. Khan Academy, teaching via Skype.
  • Monthly independent assessments to ensure child is progressing well.
  • Academic teaching geared towards exams.
  • To get best grades possible, one or two public exam (e.g. GCSE) are taken at a time when the child is ready, rather than all exams being taken at some predetermined time.
  • All pods to have CCTV, with parents having full access.
  • Older children make their own lunch every day, cleaning up themselves.
  • Extra-curricular activities to be taught by top professionals.
  • Teaching administrators rewarded on excellent grades and children’s achievements.
  • School fees to be reduced if grades below expectations, bonuses if certain goals achieved.

If you know anyone that might be interested, for example anyone with kids younger than 9 that isn’t happy with their school, please forward this to them…

My email is my first name followed by @launchpadstartups.com (I don’t want bots scraping this email address and sending me junk).