To spoil or not spoil…

We’re on my first vacation with my family since Covid began. My wife and I flew the 14-hour journey in business, because we’ve both worked hard for it – and not because we ‘deserve’ it as there are many who have worked much harder and can’t even afford to fly.

My three teenage kids were on the same flight, but in economy 😱, because the thing I fear most for them, at least in a material sense, is not that they won’t make enough money, but that they become lazy entitled bums that achieve nothing thanks to us spoiling them. Two of them were grateful that they were on the flight, I’ll be working to squeeze the entitlement out of the other one.

Listen, for the basics in life, there’s mummy and daddy, for everything else there’s hard work as there is nothing that kills drive as much as being handed it all on a plate.

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

2 thoughts on “To spoil or not spoil…”

  1. Hey Asim,

    I had a conflict with my parents on homeschooling. Well, it’s not necessarily a conflict, but they simply disagreed with letting me try it out, not even for a month. They think that online youtube learning is great, but what they’re worried about is the social interactions I’ll be missing. I tried to explain that I could join outside clubs, or go to events, but they gave me the reasoning that in our country, its not possible, as such high-end clubs don’t exist. (For context, I’m a 13 year old living in Bangladesh).

    I was extremely inspired by your stories, especially that of Sabeen, as I am 13 too and have an interest in accounting matters. I want to attempt all the things you said, such as practicing past papers, grouping questions by type, etc, but I can’t, as school drains too much energy from me.

    Do you have any tips on how to convince my parents, or where I can move to from this point onwards?



    1. Mahek, most parents wouldn’t agree to their 13-year-old homeschooling. I suggest you do this. Do an exam and get the top grade yourself. Aged 14, if you have an IGSE A* in maths, for example, it says a lot and also means there is another problem – what do you do in the maths lessons!?

      BTW if you’re of average intelligence, I reckon you should be able to get an A* within 8 months of study, so go for it.


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