Isn’t home school for losers?

Prior to mid 2013 if you had told me that you home schooled your children I would have thought you were nuts and you and  your children were losers.

By year end 2013 we had given notice to our kids’ schools that we were done with school.

What happened?

Well, a few things came together from mid 2013:

  1. One to one teaching. I realised my kids’ schools weren’t really challenging my kids in maths, so I started to teach my kids maths on the 10 minute drive to school. No structure, no whiteboard, no textbooks but they learned far more during the 10 minutes drive than the school was teaching them throughout the day together with all their homework. So I hired a teacher on Skype for US$5 per hour to teach them maths on the weekends instead of teaching them in the car, and within weeks their maths had progressed way beyond their colleagues. The benefits of one to one teaching were becoming clear.
  2. School too hectic. We wanted our kids to play sports, learn Mandarin, Hindi/Urdu, French, and Arabic (all outside school as their school didn’t offer those languages), do their extra maths lessons. Lessons after school, lessons during the weekend, collecting the kids, dropping them off, it all become a bit much, for us and the kids.
  3. A great example. One of my friends from the UK had visited us in Malaysia, and his 4 kids were home schooled. I asked myself which kids were the best brought up kids I knew and I realised that they stood head and shoulders above any other kids I’d seen. They were academically years ahead of their peers, social, cheeky, polite, and unlike most other kids were able and interested in talking to adults, and they were great with other kids too.
  4. US study. I saw a nationwide US study that showed that home school kids massively outperformed school kids academically, in social activities, and at college, if that is where they went on to.

In late 2013 I discussed the idea with Isabelle, who is more risk averse than I am on radical ideas like home schooling, and to my surprise she agreed that we should give it a go over the Christmas vacations and if it worked well we’d try it for a year. She too felt that the kids could learn so much faster if they were constantly challenged and had 1 to 1 tuition. She also felt we could customise every aspect of their education to what the kids wanted and what we wanted for our kids.

We asked the kids. The two younger kids, Danyal, 7,  and Sabeen, 5, were all for it. They loved the idea of doing lessons in their pyjamas, and seemed to hate the routine of school. They didn’t seem to care about missing their school friends (rather worrying) despite both being fairly popular and social. The eldest, Maryam, was marginally in favour of home school only because we agreed with her that she wouldn’t get homework, she’d no longer have weekend classes, and we assured her that she’d still see friends regularly. That mattered to her more.

The Christmas trial went very well, and so we gave their schools notice and a one year home schooling trial it was. And since the one year trial started we haven’t even once considered sending them back to school.

Home schooling was not just good. It was far better in so many aspects than we had even hoped…

Author: Asim Qureshi

Passionate about tech startups, home schooling, barefoot running and squash.

10 thoughts on “Isn’t home school for losers?”

  1. Great to read your blog. I am also homeschooling my kids in Lahore, Pakistan. Mine are younger. Boy 6 and the girl 2 years old. The difference is that I had decided to homeschool right from the beginning. Never thought of sending them to school. I am planning to start a blog. I hope it will be up in my lifetime 🙂


    1. Saadia, I live in Lahore too. Is there a way we can have a meeting? I am a single mother of a 4 year old boy, who is school going. However, I have reservations with the teacher’s mannerisms. And so, am going pro for homeschooling. Tips and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!


  2. AlSalamu Alaikom, found this blog through Seekers Hub, quite amazing to be honest 🙂 Just wanted to comment to save it for future reference, might need it when I get children of my own some day, Insha’Allah. Perhaps my little brother can be persuaded to leave his school and start learning from home? Anyways JazakAllah Khairan for your efforts Sidi!


  3. Salaam alaikum Asim,
    I’ve been an avid reader of your answers on Quora. I’ve been thinking about starting out with entrepreneurship and your posts are very beneficial. Not very long back, I was having a conversation with my wife about whether we should homeschool our kids or not. Thanks for helping out in so many different ways.
    Jazakallahu khair


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